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The Summer Reading List

The summer reading list takes you through the season with eco-lit, poetry & fiction, riveting family memoir, and the sizzling Summer Beach read!

Summer Beach Read 2024

Ronnie Willow and the Devil's Shadow
By W.S Childress

A suspicious fire claims the life of someone close to Ronnie Willow, and she can't resist investigating the crime despite her friends' urgent warnings. As the mystery unfolds, so does a new romance. Ronnie struggles to navigate the perilous path of young love while searching for clues someone doesn't want her to find. In a quaint Cape Cod town, murderous minds lurk. Are Ronnie and her friends willing to risk their lives to solve the mystery?

Dancing Between the Raindrops

A powerful meditation on grief, a deeply personal mosaic of a daughter's remembrances of beautiful, challenging, and heartbreaking moments of life with her family.  Lisa Braxton takes us to the core of her loss and extends a lifeline of comfort to anyone who needs to be reminded that in their grief they are not alone.

By Lisa Braxton

The Midnight Mechanic

By Andy Brown

A sordid death in Victorian London leads to a man's relentless pursuit to better himself in the book where fiction meets climate change. A story of redemption in a Dickensian London with modern echoes.

These Hollowed Bones

By Amelia Ettinger

'It is Ettinger's encounters with birds that reflect some of our most vulnerable human qualities.'

—TAK Erzinger, poet, winner of the 2021 Whirling Prize, University of Indianapolis


'A collection the reader can come home to again and again, in any season.'

—Brittney Corrigan, author of Solastalgia

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