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Welcome to the Sea Crow Catalog. Our catalog is available through the Ingram Group and via the press. We hope you find great titles here to compliment your collections and are always happy to hear from you.

FALL 2024


Distant Story Blue by Magdalena Louise Hirt | Non-fiction | Adventure | Travel

Experimental poetry and prose interweave, forming a storyline that begins on Bora Bora, survives a storm en route to Tonga, safely traverses to New Zealand, and explores the swallowing seas and the land from its giant kauri trees to its rare wētā punga, hungry trout, glowing worms, and bunny-filled mountains. 

Cottage For Sale: Must Be Moved by Kate Whouley  | Nonfiction

The next installment in its award-winning Summer Beach Read series: Cottage For Sale, Must Be Moved: A Woman Moves a House to Make A Home By Kate Whouley. The new edition celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the quirky and beloved memoir that has become a Cape Cod classic.

Christmas in Cranberry Harbor by Candace Hammond | Nonfiction

When Boston journalist Lizzie Martin returns to her Cape Cod hometown for Christmas, she's faced with more than cocoa, cookies, and Santa arriving on a boat. Her ex-fiance, Jack, is also in town, her dad's newspaper is struggling, her town is losing all its young people to opportunities and more affordable housing off-Cape, and climate change is rapidly eroding the coastline. 

                                                                                 And many more!



The Summer Beach Read 2024,

Ronnie Willow and the Devil's Shadow by W.S. Childress

The Midnight Mechanic by Andy Brown | Fiction

Where fiction meets climate change, a sordid death in Victorian London leads to one man's relentless pursuit to better himself in a Dickensian world rich with modern echoes...

These Hollowed Bones by Amelia Diaz Ettingner | Poetry

Birds are the conduit for conversations of internal emotions and the natural world. This collection ties together the themes of loss, marriage, and ecology, topics that are at once personal and universal.

Dancing Between the Raindrops by Lisa Baxton | Memoir

A powerful meditation on grief, a deeply personal mosaic of a daughter's remembrances of beautiful, challenging, and heartbreaking moments of life with her family. It speaks to anyone who has lost a loved one and is trying to navigate the world without them while coming to terms with complicated emotions.

                                                                                                    And many more!

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