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Dark Ocean

Dark Waters Books is an Imprint of Sea Crow Press

Spine-tingling story-telling to keep you reading well past midnight. Dark Waters is an imprint of Sea Crow Press dedicated to mystery, thriller, fantasy, fiction and crime noir.  The home of unsolved mysteries and things that go bump in the night, the Dark Waters imprint offers traditional storytelling with a thrilling modern edge.

Best Seller

Casey Sherman

New York Times Bestselling Author of Helltown​

"As a longtime investigative journalist and gumshoe, I was captivated by Declan Rush's explosive novel Macabre Trophies. The terrifying cat and mouse game pitting reporter against serial killer is hauntingly real, entertainingly twisted and well crafted."

About the Author

Dark Waters Books is the Home of Declan Rush

Declan Rush is the pseudonym of an accomplished author who has received numerous awards for his other works. Macabre Trophies marks a profound break from his previous offerings. Rush lives in a seasonal town in Massachusetts.


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