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Amplifying Poetry: World Poetry Day

Happy World Poetry Day!

In 1999 World Poetry Day was introduced by UNESCO as an international cross-cultural celebration of words. Beyond borders and boundaries, poetry has the power to connect and inspire change. It is all around us, in song lyrics and the wind, and it expresses the unique condition of being alive in this world at this moment.

An audible Journey

In celebration of World Poetry Day, we're sharing two poems by two Sea Crow poets. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Rakinewis by Marc Woodward from his collection Shaking the Persimmon Tree

Scots Grey by Mary Petiet from her collection Moon Tide: Cape Cod Poems

New poetry is coming soon!

These Hollowed Bones
by Amelia Díaz Ettinger
April 2, 2024

'It is Ettinger's encounters with birds that reflect some of our most vulnerable human qualities.'

—TAK Erzinger, poet, winner of the 2021 Whirling Prize, University of Indianapolis


'A collection the reader can come home to again and again, in any season.'

—Brittney Corrigan, author of Solastalgia

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