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By Andy Brown and Marc Woodward

Perfect-bound paperback | 5.5 x 8.5 | 94 pages | February 11, 2023 | 979-8986567624


Grace Notes is a collection of poems written by esteemed British poets Andy Brown and Marc Woodward. The poetry echoes instruments and moves from the intimacy of a pub singalong or an epiphany in a guitar shop, to virtuosic frenzy or the majesty of a symphony. Grace Notes is endlessly inventive, clever and heartfelt and so friendly and inviting you hardly notice it playing your heartstrings or lighting up your brain like a mixing desk, and before you know it you're part of its score.

Grace Notes and Other Poems

  • Andy Brown is Professor of English & Creative Writing at Exeter University and known widely as a distinguished poet and writing tutor. His many poetry books include Casket (Shearsman, 2019); Bloodlines (Worple, 2018); Exurbia (Worple, 2014); The Fool and the Physician (Salt, 2012); Goose Music (with John Burnside, Salt, 2008) and Fall of the Rebel Angels: Poems 1996-2006 (Salt, 2006). He co-edited A Body of Work: an anthology of poetry and medicine (Bloomsbury, 2016) and edited The Writing Occurs As Song: a Kelvin Corcoran Reader (Shearsman, 2015). His study of literary and artistic tree climbing and wellbeing, The Tree Climbing Cure, is published by Bloomsbury. He is a singer-songwriter and has recorded and gigged solo and with a number of bands.

    Marc Woodward's chapbook A Fright of Jays was published by Maquette Press in 2015 and his first full collection, Hide Songs by Green Bottle Press in 2018. This was followed in 2020 by his first collaboration with Andy Brown, The Tin Lodes, published by Indigo Dreams Press. His second full collection Shaking the Persimmon Tree was published by Sea Crow Press in 2022.He has published poems in a wide variety of magazines, anthologies and websites, and has performed his work regularly. In addition to his writing, he is also a well-respected musician who has performed and taught internationally. His album Bluemando is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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