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By W.S. Childress

Perfect-bound paperback | 6 x 9 | 326 pages | August 8, 2022 | 979-8985008043

Fiction | Young Adult | Mystery | Adventure | Cape Cod


What secrets lie buried in an idyllic Cape Cod Town?

As Ronnie Willow begins her freshman year at a new high school on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, she finds a mysterious diary in the hold of an old sailboat. Her search for clues about the author leads to the cold case of a missing person. Suddenly, she and her friends must scramble to solve the rapidly warming puzzle before getting scorched themselves. As she searches for answers, Ronnie also searches for herself and her place in her new community.

Ronnie Willow and the Silver Mask


W.  S.  Childress is a veteran high school English teacher on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Inspired by his passion for education and his love of writing, he is creating a collection of young adult novels. Childress lives with his family, including two Belgian Shepherd dogs, and enjoys swimming and cycling in the New England landscape. Ronnie Willow and the Silver Mask is the first book in his continuing series.