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Andy Brown

Andy Brown, author of The Midnight Mechanics and co-author with Marc Woodward of Grace Notes And Other Poems (Sea Crow Press) is Professor of English & Creative Writing at Exeter University and known widely as a distinguished poet and writing tutor. His many poetry books include Casket (Shearsman, 2019); Bloodlines (Worple, 2018); Exurbia (Worple, 2014); The Fool and the Physician (Salt, 2012); Goose Music (with John Burnside, Salt, 2008) and Fall of the Rebel Angels: Poems 1996-2006 (Salt, 2006). He co-edited A Body of Work: an anthology of poetry and medicine (Bloomsbury, 2016) and edited The Writing Occurs As Song: a Kelvin Corcoran Reader (Shearsman, 2015). His study of literary and artistic tree climbing and wellbeing, The Tree Climbing Cure, is published by Bloomsbury. He is a singer-songwriter and has recorded and gigged solo and with a number of bands.

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By Andy Brown

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