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Marc Woodward

Marc Woodward is the author of Shaking the Persimmon Tree, Sea Crow Press, 2022 and co-author with Andy Brown of Grace Notes And Other Poems, Sea crow press 2023. Although a New Yorker by birth, Woodward has been a lifelong resident of rural England. His writing reflects his surroundings in the remote West Country, often with a dark undercurrent — and a degree of wry humour. He has been widely published in journals, anthologies and online. He was writer-in-residence at The Wellstone Center in Santa Cruz, California, and in 2018 he was shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Prize. He won the 2019 Keats’ Footsteps Prize and was commended for the 2020 Acumen Poetry Prize and the 2020 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. His previous collections include A Fright of Jays (Maquette Press 2015), Hide Songs (Green Bottle Press 2018), and The Tin Lodes, written in collaboration with well-known poet and English professor Andy Brown, (Indigo Dreams 2020).

In addition to writing, he is also an accomplished musician who has recorded, performed, and taught internationally.  He was recently diagnosed with mild early-onset Parkinson’s Disease and this is touched upon in a number of his newer poems. 

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Sea Crow Press is an award-winning woman-run independent publisher of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction based on Cape Cod in Massachusetts committed to amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard.

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