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Ronnie Willow and the Devil's Shadow

In a quaint Cape Cod town, murderous minds lurk. Are Ronnie Willow and her friends wiling to risk their lives to solve the mystery?

The second installment in the Ronnie Willow series and the Sea Crow Press 2024 Summer Beach Read.

"Ronnie Willow leaves readers wanting more." 

The Enterprise

Blue Elegies
By Helen Ruggieri

Part of the Eco-poetry Series

Helen Ruggieri brings us Blue Elegies, a collection of poems about the birds. It is the eighth volume in the ongoing Sea Crow Press collection of eco-poetry. The poems witness and pay homage to the many bird species vanishing in a rapidly changing world. Her words place us amongst the birds, rendering their lives and the places they inhabit real to involve us on a person level.

“This investigation of beauty and truth revels in ambiguity with emotions rendered as delicately as falling snow.”

—Carol Lynne Knight, author of Quantum Entanglement

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Everything you want to read this summer, from chilling fiction to nature poems, to touching memoir and the sizzling summer beach read!

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Sea Crow Press is an award-winning woman-run independent book publisher based on Cape Cod in Massachusetts committed to amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard. We publish creative nonfiction, literary fiction, and poetry. Our books celebrate our connection to each other and to the natural world with a focus on positive change and great storytelling.

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