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By Marcia Peck

Perfect-bound paperback | 6 x 9 | 344 pages | May 5, 2023 | 979-8986567686


The Award Winning Summer Beach Read 2023 from Sea Crow Press
Finalist in the American Writing Awards for General Fiction and Women's Fiction
Firebird Book Award for Coming of Age Fiction

In Water Music: A Cape Cod Story, the salt-kissed air of Cape Cod becomes a canvas upon which the intricate strokes of family dynamics are painted.

The bridge at Sagamore was closed when we got there that summer of 1956. We had to cross the canal at Buzzards Bay over the only other roadway that tethered Cape Cod to the mainland.
Thus twelve-year-old Lily Grainger, while safe from ‘communists and the Pope,’ finds her family suddenly adrift. That was the summer the Andrea Doria sank, pilot whales stranded, and Lily’s father built a house he couldn't afford. Target practice on a nearby decommissioned Liberty Ship echoed not only the rancor in her parents' marriage, a rancor stoked by Lily’s competitive uncle, but also Lily’s troubles with her sister, her cousins, and especially with her mother. In her increasingly desperate efforts to salvage her parents' marriage, Lily discovers betrayals beyond her understanding as well as the small ways in which people try to rescue each other. She draws on her music lessons and her love of Cape Cod—from Sagamore and Monomoy to Nauset Spit and the Wellfleet Dunes, seeking safe passage from the limited world of her salt marsh to the larger, open ocean.

Water Music


“Readers will enjoy this tense, atmospheric family drama.” 

-Kirkus Reviews


“…masterful family drama…”   

     “Lush, memory-driven story of family life in mid-century Cape Cod.”



 “All in all, this is both a heartwarmer and a heartbreaker of a book.”

-Indie Reader


“…an extraordinary standout. It also deserves strong recommendation to all manner of book club reading groups, from those interested in modern women's fiction to others considering the descriptive elements which elevate a story from mundane to exceptional.”

-Midwest Book review


"(Lily) is a complex, endearing heroine.” 

-Clarion (Foreword)


"Wise, funny and deeply moving." 

-Carol Dines, author of This Distance We Call Love and The Take-Over Friend


"Observant and sensitive, deeply attuned to the beauty and fragility of the natural and human worlds." 

-Andy Brown, author of The Tree Climbing Cure and Grace Notes and Other Poems


"Peck has written a moving and melodic triumph of imagination and story, a fine harmony of intimacies and passions."

-Nicole Helget, author of The Summer of Ordinary Ways